Centre for Education

Promoting the concept of lifelong learning, the Centre for Education offers a wide spectrum of educational contents and forms to users from various social groups.

The offered range of the programmes for acquisition and improvement of knowledge and skills is formed on the basis of constant monitoring of contemporary trends and the latest methodological approaches to the teaching process, but also in response to the identified needs of the users. The widespread network of domestic and foreign partner institutions in the field of adult education greately contributes to development and innovation of the programme contents of the Open University.

The offer of the Centre for Education within the Open University Subotica consists of over fifty programmes systematized into 5 programme units: School of Foreign Languages, School of Computers, School of Occupations, School of Beauty and School of Business Skills.

In order for education to be conducted at a high quality level, special attention is devoted to continual modernization of the technology and facilities and to engagement of the best experts in particular fields, thus providing attendees with acquisition of quality theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Aside from the great number of individual attendees, the proof of the quality is also a significant number of training courses held for the National Employment Service, as well as for the ever-growing number of institutions and companies in the surrounding area.

Constant improvement of human resources is one of the key factors of the sustainable economic and social development necessary for the successful business and market positioning of each economic operator. For this reason, Business to Business (B2B) programme offer is distinguished as a separate unit within the Centre for Education. Through these programmes, companies in the surrounding area are offered a variety of specialized programmes and innovations of knowledge which are tailored to their specific needs.

Finally, the Advisory Centre for Adult Education open to all citizens, providing competent assistance in deciding on further training and continuance of education, has been successfully functioning within the Centre for Education since 2003.