Why learn touch-typing?

As a professional skill, typing started developing in the second half of the 19th century, with the establishment of ten-finger typing technique, which remains the base of touch typing to date. Althoug typewriters have undergone several major changes and so has the keyboard layout, touch typing is still a desirable skill for a number of jobs. As keyboarding is primarily a skill rather than a knowledge, it requires adequate practice and drill time. In learning typing, it is necessary to highlight the two fundamental goals, i.e. accuracy and speed, so that, in accordance with the extent to which learners have attained these goals, there are several classes of typists. Jobs employing only touch-typists require Class 1A, while knowledge of the ten-finger touch-typing technique in other administrative tasks raises the efficiency of operation.

Learning outcomes
Touch-typing courses comprise two levels: the essentials, and courses for acquiring class certificates. Both levels include theoretical instruction and practical training. Learners who complete the essential level will have mastered the ten-finger touch-typing technique and become competent typewriter users. At this level, learners will attain a certain typing speed with low error rates, which is a prerequisite for gaining class certificates. As nowadays typewriters are rapidly being replaced by computers, the learners will complement their skills by practicing the learnt skills on computers. If you want to make typing your primary profession, and successfully complete the class qualification course, you will achieve the speed and accuracy required for gaining the desired class, and also learn business correspondence skills and improve your orthography in Serbian.

Instruction and length of courses
Both the essential and class qualification courses run for four months and consist of 100 lessons. Theoretical instruction and practical training are conducted in groups, in customised typing and computing cabinets. All necessary equipment, materials and literature are provided.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programmes.

Registration and additional information:
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