European Film Festival Palić

European Film Festival Palić was founded in 1992 by the Subotica Municipality. From its very beginning, the executive production was entrusted with the Open University that has transformed small and unpretentious film nights into one of the most important film festivals in the Region, creating a meeting place for authors of the Seventh Art.

Nowadays, European Film Festival Palić shows over 85 films in nine programme sections, on five locations, representing a meeting point between the public and contemporary trends in film industry with the aim to better comprehend social, cultural and life context of the time we're living in. Aside from new film productions and encounters with respective authors, Palić has likewise hosted many great names in the film art, from Ken Russell, Istvan Szabo, Ken Loach to Jirzi Menzel and many others, awarding them with Aleksandar Lifka Award for exceptional contribution to the European Cinematography.

Since 2006 the Festival has been showing a film series entitled The Great Names of European Cinematography once a week, often along with some lectures and guest-appearances by film critics and authors, in order to widen its mission throughout the whole year and to focus on educating the public on films. Moreover, we have created a place for new authors from Subotica and Serbia to present their work, as well as, for festivals from the Region, enabling them to share their film programmes with the local public.