Centre for project management


The Centre for project management (PCM) was established as a result of the development and growth of the Centre for research and development within the Open University Subotica, which was formed at the end of the ‘80s with the aim to promote democratic values and the development of a healthy civil society in Serbia.

The CPM is a separate organizational sector within the company with all necessary human and technical resources. The Centre has two offices as well as the necessary technical infrastructure, while its activities are realized by the Coordinator of the sector and 3 project managers.

The CPM as an evolutionally higher level of organization and specialization with regard to the source sector, has developed not only into a centre that administrationally and technically implements the ongoing project, but also into the main generator of ideas for future domestic and international projects of the Open University Subotica.

Due to the above mentioned, the Open University Subotica is currently implementing projects in the field of: education – lifelong learning; economy – work with SMEs, entrepreneurs, clusters; logistics – research and development; culture; agriculture and organic production, etc.
As the results of the work of the Centre in the past two years on the Open University Subotica the “Centre for Career Development”, “Partner Centre for clusters and enterprises” as well as the “International School of organic agriculture” were founded.

Through its work with numerous educational-scientific institutions, research centres, nongovernmental organizations, economic subjects and individuals, the Centre for project management established a rich network of partners and cooperation with entities from the whole region.
Beside generating new ideas and implementing ongoing projects, the Centre offers its consultancy services to external clients in the field of preparing and realizing projects financed by the EU.

The Centre organizes trainings and seminars connected to project management, preparation and writing of project proposals as well as workshops for clients on the processes and tendering procedures based on EU regulations – the Practical Guide for EU external actions (PRAG).
This way the Centre successfully satisfies the internal needs of the Open University Subotica in the field of preparing and implementing projects, and also acts as a consultant for institutions in the whole region that deal with domestic or international projects.