2015 Jan. 29
On Tuesday at 6 PM at the Open University Subotica two motivational speeches will be held, the first one on “Towards success, step by step”, and “Creator, not a victim”.
2015 Jan. 09
From 16th to 18th January, for the first time in Serbia, the audience will be able to watch the latest British films at the same time in ten towns across the country. The audience of the Eurocinema will have the opportunity to learn about the new wave of British film.
2014 Dec. 30
The Open University Subotica offers 10% of discount to those interested in enrolling to a training course. All you need to do is to choose the course you are interested in and to check in between 1st and 31st January to be entitled for the discount of 10%.
2014 Dec. 24
The Open University Subotica wishes happy holidays to all its friends and business partners!
2014 Dec. 23
The first generation of the NTC School on 22nd December 2014 had its closing lesson and the ceremonial awarding of diplomas. 
2014 Dec. 19
The topic of the first EUSDR Youth Platform, which was held in Vienna from 15th to 17th December, was “Learning Pathways to Social Cohesion”. Over 70 participants attended the meeting from the countries in the Danube region with the aim to strengthen the role of educational institutions and organizations both formal and non-formal education to strengthen social cohesion in the Danube region focusing on young people.
2014 Dec. 04
On Friday on 5th December starting at 7 PM the special screening of the film “The Disobedient” will be held, which will be joined by the creators of the film, and from 9 PM a discussion will be held with the title: “Culture Defense: the Movement of Cinema Occupation”. 
Maj 2015
On Monday, 1st December at 8 PM the premier of the play “Unwanted” will take place in the Children’s Theatre, which was created by the trainees of the acting workshop ...
On 6th and 7th November 2014, in the organization of the Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection of ...
On Wednesday, 5th November starting at 9.30 in the conference room number 213 of the Open University Subotica the first professional lecture will be held within the programme Organic production ...
In the Eurocinema on 7th November at 7 PM the team behind the film “Monument to Michael Jackson” will join the screening of the film. After the screening the audience ...