2021 Apr. 14
Within the Cross-border project IT COMMUNITY REGION - Creation and fostering of common cooperating cross-border IT entrepreneurial community, which is implemented in partnership by the Open University of Subotica Ltd., Adult Education Institution Studium, Vukovar Development Agency Ltd. and Regional Development Agency Panonreg, free IT course Creating Internet Content will be implemented at the Open University Subotica within the period April - June 2021.
2021 Apr. 13
In the first quarter of 2021 the Open University Subotica, as one of the partners, began the implementation of two projects from the Erasmus + Programme. Both projects are related to bring Schools and Culture and Creative Sector (CCS) into a Partnership for Creativity that will empower students with innovation and entrepreneurial skills, as well as trigger creativity and active citizenship.
2020 Dec. 30
2020 Nov. 30
The Open University Subotica has started the implementation of a new project "pROceed", which is funded by the European Union - ERASMUS + program. The project "pROceed" will be implemented by 9 organizations from seven different countries.
2020 Nov. 05
The network of the European Film Festivals "Moving Images Open Borders (MIOB)", whose founder is also the European Film Festival Palić, has been supported through the new measure by the MEDIA Creative Europe sub-program intended for the festival networks. This program opened a competition for the first time in 2020 to support the networking of the festivals, and among the four networks selected for funding is the MIOB network, which brings together seven festivals dedicated to European cinema.
2020 Sep. 25
On Thursday, September 24, with the performance of "Csokibaba utazása" (Journey of a Puppet) by the Children's Theater in Subotica, the 27th International Children's Theater Festival in Subotica was closed. The Eurocinema previously screened two foreign plays: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by the German Zenobia Theater, and "We are the Terracotta Army" by the Shiyan Children's Theater from China.
2020 Sep. 21
On Sunday, September 20, at the Children's Theater in Subotica, the twenty-seventh edition of the International Children's Theater Festival was opened with a solemn ceremony. This year's festival edition lasts until September 24 and is held at several locations in Subotica. The main program includes 11 performances by ensembles from China, Russia, Israel, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia.
April 2021
The Award ceremony for the best European achievements and screenings of THE SALT OF TEARS by French director Philippe Garrel and the Russian-Serbian co-production BELGRADE HOTEL by Konstantin Statskiy out ...
On Saturday, September 12, at 8 pm, the 27th European Film Festival Palić opened with a solemn ceremony at EuroCinema in Subotica, and will last until September 18. The festival ...