2015 May. 18
The Free Zone Festival began its 2015 tour visiting over 40 cities in Serbia, and one of these cities is Subotica. In Subotica the films will be screened in the Eurocinema from 21st till 27th May at 5 PM, the entrance to each of these films will be free of charge.
2015 May. 14
On 17th May at 8 PM the 22nd International Festival for Children’s Theatres will be opened on the stage of the Jadran theatre. 
2015 May. 07
On Thursday, 14th May at 9 AM in the room 212 of the Open University Subotica a one-day long training will be held for public speaking and speech skills. The training is for everybody interested in advancing their public speech and speech skills.
2015 Apr. 24
In cooperation with the City of Subotica, the Open University Subotica will start off the city Film Club and Film School, which has the aim to spread the love for the art of film and to develop theoretic and practical knowledge on film among youth.
2015 Apr. 09
The Open University Subotica in cooperation with the NLP Center in Belgrade will organize a promotional workshop about NLP communication on 16th April at 6 PM. The workshop will be held in the room 211, 1st floor of the Open University.
2015 Apr. 09
On 15th April at 6 PM the special screening of the films LOGBOOK SERBISTAN of the film director Želimir Žilnik and the FLOWERS OF EVIL by Szabolcs Tolnai will take place in the Eurocinema. After each film the director will address the audience. The entrance to both screenings is free of charge.
2015 Jan. 29
On Tuesday at 6 PM at the Open University Subotica two motivational speeches will be held, the first one on “Towards success, step by step”, and “Creator, not a victim”.
Avgust 2015
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