Open University Subotica has for decades been working to improve the cultural life of both the city and Serbia through publishing activities, exhibitions, film screenings, music events and round tables.

Organization of the two top festivals presents a crown of engagement in the field of culture: International Festival of Children’s Theatres and Palić European Film Festival, which have been enlisted amongst the four cultural events of national significance in Serbia. Both festivals represent an immensely important window to the world, due to their persistent desire to uncover the new and the contemporary in the artistic life of the planet.

Over the course of 20 years since they have been established, we have welcomed some of the most influential contemporary artists from Ken Loach, the renowned filmmaker, Teo Angelopulos, Ken Russell, Istvan Szabo to those from the world of theatre Henrik Jurkowsky, Victor Klimchuk, Jim Gamble and others.
Aside from reflecting contemporary worldwide trends, Open University invests efforts to help young domestic creators by promoting their work and by connecting them with other domestic and foreign institutions that have been successfully cooperating with our house for many years now.

It is our wish that we progress together, creating a World to suit a man, where culture takes up an immensely significant place in joining its far ends