Why learn the markup language HTML 5?


The first thing to understand about HTML5 is that it contains several elements, including HTML five revisions, CSS3 and other JavaScript API. These enable you to use multimedia extras on the internet. Prior to technology, these kinds of experiences could only be done on the desktop.

Programmers with HTML5 can create applications and web sites, which function as a desktop application, enabling the use of a web platform, which can reach its users at the same time. The users do not have to download the application to their computers, they can start the application with a click on the link, and they do not have to worry about not having the newest update of the program.

The interesting aspect of HTML5 is that enables you to create applications, which function even offline. The trick is that the application is capable to locally save the tools and contents. When done, this application works, regardless where you go, or is the system online. Another positive aspect of the offline functions is that it is capable to save data in cache or through another method enabling the data to be saved even if the page reloads.

With HTML5, you can use various graphic elements, such as animations, games, films, etc. even graphic effects such as lightning and shadows, 3D, special effects, vector graphic, etc. A big improvement with the JavaScript is its speed to start this application in real time.



Learning outcomes:
Having successfully completed the training course and passing the exam, the candidates will be able to:
• Make a compete web presentation in HTML5
• Set the web presentation on the internet
• Maintain the web presentation

Instruction and length of courses
Computing courses are organised over a period of seven weeks (two double lessons per week), and a computer cabinet is available to learners during the tutorial sessions. Instruction is conducted in groups, in cutting-edge computer cabinets. The required literature is provided.
All learners who pass the final exams will be issued with an Open University's certificate of HTML5 skills.

Registration, enrolment and payment

Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Payment in installments is possible for all forms of education.

Registration and additional information:
Info desk: 8.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. weekdays
Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15, Subotica
Tel:++381 24 55 46 00