Why study for a hairdresser?

Hairstyle reflects our individuality and must emphasize our best facial features in order to take away from possible imperfections. Considering that one's looks largely depend on hair, change of hairstyle itself could mean change of overall style. Today's hairdresser must be a psychologist as well as a modern and creative adviser. Experts say that 50% of an attractive and good hairstyle represents geometry (proportionally and well cut hair), while the remaining 50% represents art and creativity. It is very important that the hairstyle and the hair colour are adapted to one's personality and lifestyle. The hairstyle must be in harmony with the shape of the face, hair quality and, of course, with the current fashion trends.
Therefore, it is not surprising that our need and demand for experienced and creative hairdressers and hairstylists are rising.

Kursevi za frizera

Learning outcomes
Courses for hairdressers/hairstylists consist of 240 hours of lessons and practice. Candidates who successfully pass the theoretical part of the exam will become acquainted with the tools and materials used in hairdressing, the hair types, and ways of nourishing and shaping hair, along with all other topics of importance for this profession. It is mandatory that each candidate attending the course completes the professional training at some of the commercial hair salons or at a special hair salon at the Open University, under the instruction and supervision of top experts.
Upon completion of the practical part of the training, learners will have learnt how to properly wash and dry hair, and become familiar with cutting and hair colouring techniques, along with the current worldwide trends in this field. Upon completion of practice, the candidates take an exam in the practical part of the training.

Instruction and length of courses
The training to become a hairdresser for men or women lasts four months. The learners are placed in groups where the theoretical and practical training are performed at a specially equipped cosmetic salon at the Open University. All necessary tools, materials, and textbooks are provided.
Upon successful completion of the theoretical and practical parts of the exam, all candidates are issued with a certificate as a qualified hairdresser for men/women by the Open University.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible continuously throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programmes.

Registration and additional information:
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