Why learn for Cook / Pastry Cook / Baker?

Gastronomy as the study of preparing good food is an integral part of human culture. In recent years, gastronomy has gained in popularity by having more and more interesting TV shows based on this topic, and also because of celebrities' involvement. Gastronomy helps us choose the best ingredients at the right moment and cook them in a way to preserve everything that makes them so unique. The pleasure of selecting the right ingredients at the right time is a basic, ancient, but at the same time very modern rule. The job of a chef is, above all, to select the ingredients that he combines while making his specialty dish; then to choose cooking methods while trying to adjust them to the type of food being prepared; as well as to arrange ready-to-eat meals. Professions similar to a cook are pastry-cook and baker. They each create a kingdom of good food by using the best ingredient combinations. You can cook for pleasure, or for your friends and family, but the top cook/pastry cook/baker can be a very profitable and desirable profession, particularly if you learn from the best.


Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the training to become a cook/ pastry cook/ baker, learners will have acquired theoretical knowledge in the subjects of Science of Nutrition, and Working Hygiene. Depending on the chosen profession, a special part of the theoretical lessons will be devoted to getting acquainted with and mastering the basic principles of cooking, pastry cooking, or baking. After completing classes and passing the theoretical part of the exam, learners will become familiar with basic terms, along with planning and making menus. They will also elaborate on topics about basic ingredients and their characteristics, ingredient storage and handling, and work organization in the kitchen. Upon completion of the theoretical part, all candidates are required to have practice in the hospitality industry where they will have an opportunity to practically apply attained theoretical knowledge.

Instruction and length of courses
Courses for cooks/pastry cooks/bakers last four months and include 80 lecture classes and 500 practice in the hospitality industry each. The learners are placed in group classes within the custom-equipped classrooms. All necessary textbooks are provided.
To be able to take the final exam, candidates have to submit a form of practice completion.
All candidates who successfully pass the theoretical and practical parts of the exam will be issued with a certificate as a professional cook/pastry cook/baker by the Open University.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible continuously throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programmes.

Registration and additional information:
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