Why study for a business secretary?

The development of entrepreneurship and setup of an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises have given rise to the need for employees working as secretaries, but also as personal assistants to managers and/or executives, who will often be the owners of the enterprises as well. The first encounter between clients and enterprises happens through business secretaries, so that it is essential for these persons to represent their firms appropriately, with the right attitude and skills. Personal secretaries/assistants supply maximum support to their superiors and facilitate their work, but also enhance their administrative knowledge and develop skills in human relations.

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Learning outcomes
Having successfully completed the course for business secretaries, learners will possess advanced skills of positive communication with the firms' clients, using the knowledge of corporate communication, information techologies and foreign languages. The learners will also be able to complete tasks in human resource management, such as workplace organisation and systematisation, short-term, mid-term and long-term human resource planning and recruitment procedures. A part of the course is allocated for learning touch-typing and essential principles of correspondence, which greatly facilitate managing various types of official letters.

Instruction and length of courses
Courses for business secretaries and assistants run for five months. Instruction is conducted in groups, in well-equipped classrooms and computer cabinets. All necessary equipment, materials and literature are provided.
All learners who successfully pass the examinations will be issued with an Open University’s certificate of qualification for business secretary.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programmes.

Registration and additional information:
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