Why learn fundamental computing skills?

The concept of 'new literacy' implies proficiency in and use of computers, both for professional purposes and in daily life. Mastering the use of computers speeds up and facilitates many working processes. The advent and development of the global internet network has made a large amount and information available to all computer users. Classical correspondence, which often used to take several days to reach the recipient, has been replaced by e-mail as a contemporary means of communication. The use of computers and all the opportunities available to competent users have raised the quality of human life and business operations to a higher level.

Škola računarstva - osnovni kurs

Learning outcomes
Having successfully completed the training course and passing the exam, the candidates will be able to use computers for their daily needs, including:
• understanding the way computers function and knowledge of the fundamental parts and programs required for their functioning;
• knowing how to use the Windows operating system;
• understanding the way data is organised in files and folders and being able to locate and recognise them;
• ability to use the internet;
• the use of e-mail (sending and receiving messages).

Instruction and length of courses
Computing courses are organised over a period of seven weeks (two double lessons per week), and a computer cabinet is available to learners during the tutorial sessions. Instruction is conducted in groups, in cutting-edge computer cabinets. The required literature is provided.
All learners who pass the final exams will be issued with an Open University's certificate of fundamental computing skills.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Payment in instalments is possible for all forms of education.

Registration and additional information:
Info desk: 8.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. weekdays
Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15, Subotica
Tel:++381 24 55 46 00