The course for wine conoisseurs
(the first step toward professional pleasure of wine enjoyment or the profession of a sommelier)

The profession of a sommelier or wine steward is an in demand occupation and is becoming more and more popular. The need for this occupation has developed along with the development of exclusive and specialized restaurants, but also along with the enjoyment of good-quality wines.
A sommelier is a wine professional who recommends wine and helps in selecting one, commonly working in fine restaurants. As well as helping with wine selection, a sommelier can also advise on supplying and proper storage of various wines. Working in the hospitality industry, a sommelier can also be responsible for making wine lists and staff training.
In addition, the number of genuine wine lovers is increasing, so supermarkets and specialty stores keep expanding their wine selections. Therefore, professional training is likely to help many in selecting and enjoying wines. This programme is intended for all who want to learn more about wines, but it also could be your first step toward a professional wine career, i.e. toward the profession of a sommelier.


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