Why study for a florist?

Is there a nicer way to show your feelings and intentions than gifting a bouquet of well-chosen flowers? It is known that certain flowers have been assigned specific meanings so it should be taken into account what message we want the flowers to convey. The language of flowers has been around since ancient times, and people have always been driven to develop and use the language without words, i.e. the language of flowers. Although there is not a unique set of rules when it comes to interpreting flowers and their colours, but it rather varies from place to place, it is believed that flowers still carry messages and are connected to certain feelings.
Floriculture as a profession requires certain skills and creativity. Every florist should be able to select flowers suitable for a certain occasion and arrange them properly, while making sure that the flowers remain looking fresh as long as possible. Also, all florists should know the answers to any questions related to choosing and growing potted plants.

cvećar - aranžer

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the training to become a florist, learners will have acquired knowledge of types of potted plants and cut flowers including their characteristics. They will also learn how to use
filler flowers as a support material. Learners will have mastered the techniques of making flower arrangements and decorating for all occasions. They will also become skilled at decorating spaces using flower arrangements. A special part of the course will be devoted to replanting, maintaining, and taking care of potted, seasonal, and cut flowers.

Instruction and length of courses
Courses for florists last two months and include theoretical and practical teaching. Learners are placed in group classes and everything is done in cooperation with “Gardenija” florist. All necessary materials and textbooks are provided.
All candidates who successfully pass the final exam will be issued with a certificate as a qualified florist by the Open University.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible continuously throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programs.

Registration and additional information:
Info desk: 8.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. weekdays
Trg cara Jovana Nenada 15, Subotica
Tel:++381 24 55 46 00