Why study for a pedicurist and manicurist?

Our hands and nails are something that most people notice even during the first contact. Therefore, we should keep in mind that they can tell a lot about our personality, age, and lifestyle. For those reasons, it is important that we keep our hands and nails neat and sleek.
Proper nail, hand, and foot care are more than just personal hygiene. We should not forget that our hands are frequently exposed to various external, mechanical, and chemical factors; while our feet are in shoes most of the time. This is why it is of great importance to keep them healthy and well nourished. Manicurists and pedicurists make sure that our nails, hands, and feet receive proper care so they look neat, nourished and healthy. They can observe and remedy any abnormalities in the nails, and shape them according to the latest trends.

Kursevi za pedikir i manikir

Learning outcomes
Learners who successfully complete the theoretical and practical parts of the training will become familiar with nail anatomy and its variations (nail disorders), as well as with its causes and treatments. They will be able to shape the nails properly, along with nourishing the skin on your hands and feet themselves by using different wraps and rich creams adapted to individual skin types.

Instruction and length of courses
Courses for pedicurists and manicurists last three months. Learners are placed in groups where the theoretical and practical training are performed at a custom-equipped salon at the Open University. All necessary tools, materials, and textbooks are provided.
Upon successful completion of the theoretical and practical parts of the exam, all candidates are issued with a certificate as a licensed pedicurist and manicurist by the Open University.

Registration, enrolment and payment
Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Instalment plans are offered for all educational programmes.

Registration and additional information:
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