2021 Jan. 01

Project title: Moving Images - Open Borders
Programme: Creative Europe - Media
Total project budget: 141.600,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2021
Lead Beneficiary: FilmFestival Cottbus (Germany)
Project partners:
Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz (Austria)
Open university Subotica - European film festival Palić (Serbia)
Les Arcs European Film Festival (France)
Seville European Film Festival (Spain)
Scanorama Film Festival - European Film Forum Vilnius (Lithuania)
Trieste Film Festival (Italy)

2020 Dec. 07

Project Title: pROceed – Identification of European best practice for professional orientation, career counselling and job preparation and their possible adaptation for Roma
Project Acronym: pROceed
Project start date: 2020-09-01
Project Total Duration: 18 months
Project end date: 2022-02-28
National Agency of the Applicant Organisation: SK01 Slovenska akademicka asociacia pre medzinarodnu spolupracu
Main objective of the project: Exchange of Good Practice

2020 Jul. 13

Project title: 27th European Film Festival Palic

Programme: Creative Europe – MEDIA
Total project budget: 46.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 13.07.2020-12.07.2021

Project summary:

European Film Festival Palic (EFFP) will organize its 27th edition (18th – 24th July 2020) aiming to further develop new festival activities started in previous year, focused on the film education, cooperation with other film festivals, audience development, festival promotion and new film programmes. MEDIA support is an important pillar of our project, which will enable the quantitative expansion of the festival program through the introduction of new film selections, development and improvement of educational activities, stronger investments in the international promotion of the EFFP, cooperation and networking with other film festivals focused on European film, promotional activities and media coverage.

Festival objectives:

• Promoting and presenting diversity of European audiovisual works;
• Increasing knowledge and interest of audience, especially young audience, about European films;
• Exchange of experience and networking between international and national film professionals;
• Development of film education, experience exchange and culture of dialogue / debate in the film art;
• Improving the quality of writings and encouragement of young film critics;
• Improving awareness of most recent European film cinematography achievements;
• Increasing the visibility of films originated in countries with low production capacities;
• Fostering the awareness of rich European film heritage.

Planned results:
• Presentation of 144 highly artistic films originated in geographical Europe including non-Media countries, up to 136 European films and up to 76 non-national films originated in countries with low audiovisual production capacities;
• Presentation of 8 recent films from Ireland and present current streams in its cinematography;
• To bring representatives of up to 60 films (director, actor, producer, screenwriter, DoP, editor) to present their work at the press conference and Q&A sessions;
• Implementation of 4 activities towards new audience especially young audience;
• Awarding and presenting filmography of three highly acclaimed film professionals from Europe;
• Presenting of 6 recently digitally restored European film classics;
• Organization of the Master Class for the students from Hungary and Serbia;
• Organization of workshop for young film critics led by European professionals;
• To gather up to 100 national and international film journalists at the festival.

2019 Jul. 15


Project title: Panona net – destination management model

Programme: Interreg – IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia – Serbia 2014-20120

Lead Beneficiary: Association for Creative Development SLAP

Project Partner 2: Open University Subotica Ltd.

Project Partner 3: Fund for micro regional tourism cluster Subotica-Palić

Project Partner 4: City of Vukovar

Project Partner 5: Municipality Velika

Total project budget: 636.364,50 EUR

Project implementation period: 15.07.2019-14.07.2021

Main project objective is to diversify and integrate the cross-border tourism offer of active and cultural tourism through joint destination management platform and DMO business model. It will build on existing offer, respecting resources and potentials of the target areas, add new contents, improve the quality of tourist services and align them with the new trends and market demands.

2019 Jun. 01


Project title: Creation and fostering of common cooperating cross-border IT entrepreneurial community

Programme: Interreg – IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia – Serbia 2014-2020

Lead Beneficiary: Open University Subotica Ltd.

Project Partner 2: Adult Education Institution Studium

Project Partner 3: Vukovar Development Agency Ltd.

Project Partner 4: Regional Development Agency Panonreg

Total project budget: 524.393,45 EUR

Project implementation period: 01.06.2019-31.05.2021

Main project objective is to boost CB cooperation of IT experts in knowledge gaining and on contracting business deals through cluster model as a mean for business incentives growth. It will build on existing offer, respecting resources and potentials of target areas, add new contents and services align them with the new trends and market demands for IT services.