2021 Feb. 01

Project title: 28th and 29th European Film Festival Palic
Programme: Creative Europe – MEDIA
Total project budget: 126.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.02.2021.-31.01.2023.

Project summary:

European Film Festival Palic (EFFP) will organize its 28th and 29th edition aiming to further develop new festival activities started in previous year, focused on the film education, cooperation with other film festivals, audience development, festival promotion and new film programmes. MEDIA support is an important pillar of our project, which will enable the quantitative expansion of the festival program through the introduction of new film selections, development and improvement of educational activities, stronger investments in the international promotion of the EFFP, cooperation and networking with other film festivals focused on European film, promotional activities and media coverage.

Festival objectives:
• Promoting and presenting diversity of European audiovisual works;
• Increasing knowledge and interest of audience, especially young audience, about European films;
• Exchange of experience and networking between international and national film professionals;
• Development of film education, experience exchange and culture of dialogue / debate in the film art;
• Improving the quality of writings and encouragement of young film critics;
• Improving awareness of most recent European film cinematography achievements;
• Increasing the visibility of films originated in countries with low production capacities;
• Fostering the awareness of rich European film heritage.