Environment protection

Initial activites in the field of ecology were realized within this institution at the end of the eighties, when development programme was entirely directed to life quality improvement in accordance with ecological principles.

Zaštita životne sredine

In the past ten years, development programmes and programmes aimed at increasing ecological awareness have been implemented within the Open University - encompassing trainings for education workers with the aim of upgrading their knowledge in the field of ecology, programmes intended for professional training, occupational retraining and innovation of knowledge of the employed and unemployed in the field of active participation of citizens in finding solutions to environmental problems, projects of innovative economic development based on ecological principles, informing citizens about national legislation and regulations on life and work in protected natural environments.

Being concentrated on andragogical work in the field of education of tourism, ecology and agricultural workers, the Open University has established important international contacts and formed a network of partner institutions on national and international level. Among numerous partners the most prominent are the University of Geneva (Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE)), Reutlingen Expert Akademie, Singidunum University (Faculty of Applied Ecology (FUTURA)), etc.