2023 Nov. 15

Project Title: Better Cooperate! Education through and to the values of the social economy as a way to reinforce the society.
Programme: Erasmus+
Total project budget: 400.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.11.2023.- 31.10.2026.
Lead Beneficiary: Association for Social Cooperatives, Poland
Partner countries: Sweden, Italy, Serbia, Germany and Spain

2023 Oct. 13
Project Title: Explore your abilities
Programme: Erasmus+
Total project budget: 250.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.10.2023 - 30.09.2025.
Lead Beneficiary: Școala Gimnaziala Primară CONIL, Romania
Partner countries: Romania, Austria, Latvia, Cyprus and Serbia
2023 Sep. 05
Project Title: Breaking a Taboo - Visualising alternatives to child marriage of Roma girls
Programme: Erasmus+
Total project budget: 400.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.09.2023.- 31.08.2026.
Lead Beneficiary: JugendStil e.V., Germany
Partner countries: Germany, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia and Serbia
2023 Aug. 08
Project Title: “Regional Synergy for new cinema going Experience”

Programmed: Collaborate to Innovate (Europa Cinemas), Creative Europa - Media
Total project budget: 104.265,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.08.2023.- 15.06.2024.
Lead Beneficiary: Open University Subotica (Eurocinema), Serbia
Partner countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary
2023 Jul. 03
Project title: 30th and 31st European Film Festival Palic
Programme: PCreative Europe – MEDIA
Total project budget: 126.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.07.2023.-30.06.2025.
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