Basic intention of this debates cycle and TV shows is to present the European standards in various aspects of social life and to reveal things being hidden behind the European screen to the public. The project is showing what exactly is Europe in Subotica.

In 2010. fifteen topics actual in todays society will be elaborated. In the first set of topics, policy and public aspect of the environment will be analized in order to determine what European is and what it isn’t. In second cycle, project will be focusing on the economy of the community and wil be based on euro-regional topics. In this set of topics, project will elaborate public/communal infrastructure - service economy, appliance of the LEAP. In the last cycle, culture of life topics are being elaborated in their widest sense (education, health, way of life, etc.)

This set of discussions gathers individuals, institutions, political actors and government, companies and local community members.


I topic: Development or stagnation of the city

guests: Saša Vušinić, Mayor of Subotica; PhD Boško Kovačević and Stevan Santo

13th of March 2010 at 10am, room 213 - Open University Subotica


II topic: Economic power of Subotica: reality and potentials, 20th of March 2010

III topic: Communal economy, 27th of March 2010

IV topic: (Un)Employment, 10th of April 2010

V topic: City Management, 17th of April 2010