2010 Dec. 30

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in December 2009 Open University Subotica started with implementation of the project "Education needs of agricultural producers in Vojvodina research”, with the aim of identifying primary areas of education needed by agricultural producers in rural areas.

This research is a prerequisite for planning quality and appropriate training of agricultural producers, and the offer of training courses for this target group will be based on identified needs and will cover areas for which farmers themselves considered to be priority for raising their efficiency and productivity.

The research will include 600 agricultural producers and farms in Vojvodina, evenly from Banat, Backa and Srem. After the survey and data processing, three focus groups will be organized - one in each of the mentioned regions. The project will be implemented by March 2010.

Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
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