2012 May. 01

Project summary:
The “Puppet Nomad Academy 3” project represented the continuation of the previous two projects with the same name: “Puppet Nomad Academy” and “Puppet Nomad Academy 2”. This project brought an important new element to the active involvement of the elderly population in the design and creation of performances, participation in workshops, visiting performances… The excellence of the proposed activities was reflected above all in the transfer of new approaches / technologies / good practice which were passed over to the traditional masters of puppetry art. The latter use their fresh creative energy to present their skills and their knowledge through performances to a wider public in different countries – so in the period of Project duration as well as later within post-production lasting 3 to 5 years. The duration of the project: May 1st 2012 until April 30th 2014.
The Project’s events provided unique opportunity for local Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian, Estonian, Slovak, Bosnian, and also Belgian artists, cultural workers, experts in performing and visual arts, yet also for the wider audience, to meet artists from other European and non-European countries in person and to learn about their work and their performances. The result of the project “Puppet Nomad Academy 3” is the upgraded mobility of cultural products, and authors; links among partners are renewed and settled. New ideas which emerged within the Project inspire further projects and co-operation with other similar organizations and projects around Europe.