2023 Oct. 13
Project Title: Explore your abilities
Programme: Erasmus+
Total project budget: 250.000,00 EUR
Project implementation period: 01.10.2023.- 30.09.2025.
Lead Beneficiary: Școala Gimnaziala Primară CONIL, Romania
Partner countries: Romania, Austria, Latvia, Cyprus and Serbia
The main objectives of the Explore your abilities project are:
  • Integrating an interdisciplinary approach to STEAM learning into partner schools making SEN students successful,
  •  Customizing the interdisciplinary STEAM disciplines for SEN students by using new pedagogical method game-storified virtual laboratories,
  •  Increase the interdisciplinary STEM skills, cultural and artistic expression for SEN children & typical children,
·        Create awareness & active citizenship and concrete modalities to apply STEAM educational needs for SEN students.