2013 Jan. 01

Project summary:
Freight transport in the centers of Szeged and Subotica is fastly becoming an issue for both cities. The pull of retail facilities on the outskirts creates a competitive environment for shopkeepers. New developments in downtown areas, policy shift at both national and European levels towards environmentally friendly modes of transport create a tension between the shopkeepers, logistic operators and city developers, transport planners. Experts from the two cities will gather information from stakeholders, study the already implemented solutions and analyze how they fit into the local socio-economical environment. A set of possible solutions and funding sources will be offered for the beneficiaries and decision makers.

Overall objective:
Overall objective of the project proposal is a synergic development of city logistics of the twin cities - Szeged and Subotica which has a potential to represent a model of sustainable development for other settlements located in the CB region.

Specific objectives:
1. facilitating the cooperation of experts, decision makers, city developers and planners in the CB region and residents of the two cities, throughout establishment of scientific and business connections in the scope of project activities - during workshops and conferences.
2. elaboration and evaluation of city logistics solutions in the two cities- Szeged and Subotica in order to get a clear insight of the possibilities of a sustainable economical development of the twin cities
3. fostering the development of a model of co-existence of entrepreneurship and modern daily life of citizens in the city centers, where the efficacy and competence of local shops and offices are not limited due to the expansion of green zones and other results of a modernly organized city center.

Expected outputs, results:

Two studies of the city logistic situation (one for Subotica and one for Szeged) based on a common methodology and evaluated by the logistic experts of both cities. Two workshops for logistic experts. Two workshops for stakeholders. Information material of the project and its result (printed and web based). Newspaper articles about the project.