2014 Mar. 17

A seminar will be held at the Open University (1st floor, room 211) on 18th March starting at 1 PM with the title “Volunteer network and voluntary work”.

2014 Mar. 01

The Eurocinema will present the long awaited international movie hits in 3D and movies that are shown at the most prestigious European festivals.

2014 Feb. 07

The TIM Centar from Novi Sad in cooperation with the Open University Subotica organizes the Assertiveness Training in Subotica for the first time. The Assertiveness Training is for all those who wish to acquire the skills of self-confident communication.

2014 Feb. 01

Several movie hits are expected during February in the Eurocinema. A wide range of genres can be found on the cinema’s repertoire.

2013 Dec. 18

The Open University Subotica will ceremonially mark its 60th anniversary of existence and work.