International Festival of Children's Theatres

International Festival of Children’s Theatres in Subotica, was founded in 1994 on the basis of the decision rendered by the Municipal Assembly of Subotica, with the objective to show the most valuable and artwise most relevant stage productions from both international and domestic production for children, and to contribute to the promotion of new and the acknowledgement of established cultural values on the international plan.

Since its establishment up to today, the Festival has achieved the highest artistic results presenting over 400 theatre productions from 37 countries worldwide. Only 16 performances took with them the Festival's highest recognition- the Gran Prix, however many performances seen at the previous 16 festivals achieved significant aesthetic influence on the development of theatre for children and the youth in general, as well as, on the development of the art of puppetry especially.

For its contribution to the development of stage art for children and culture in general, the Festival has been awarded the Vuk Prize, the highest cultural recognition in the Republic of Serbia, in 2005. Moreover, the PRO URBE prize- traditionally awarded to individuals and organizations that have contributed immensely through their actions and achievements to the development and reputation of the city, by raising its material and spiritual values-was awarded to the International Festival of Children's Theatres at the Celebration of the Town's Day, September 1st 2009.
The Festival is a member of the International Association of Puppet Theatres (UNIMA) and the International Association of Theatres for Children and Youth (ASSITEJ).