2015 Apr. 09

On 15th April at 6 PM the special screening of the films LOGBOOK SERBISTAN of the film director Želimir Žilnik and the FLOWERS OF EVIL by Szabolcs Tolnai will take place in the Eurocinema. After each film the director will address the audience. The entrance to both screenings is free of charge.

The film LOGBOOK SERBISTAN was selected to be the best documentary at the 62nd Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Awards, while the film FLOWERS OF EVIL was awarded at the same festival, receiving the FIPRESCI award for the best domestic short film.

Logbook Serbistan (Serbia, 2015)
Director: Želimir Žilnik
Duration: 94 minutes
Genre: Feature documentary film
Synopsis: Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in Serbia, placed in asylum centers after their dramatic journeys from war-torn and poverty-stricken areas of North Africa, Near and Middle East go through a period of adaptation to life and social circumstances in Serbia. In most cases, however, their goal is to reach one of the EU countries. Docu-drama is a space for them to, beside the socio-political context in which they found themselves, show their individual values, becoming heroes that viewers can identify with and whose destiny and struggle they can understand.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/118722491

Flowers of Evil (Serbia, 2014)
Director: Szabolcs Tolnai
Cast: Zoltan Pletl, Henrietta Varga, Debes Dobrei, Josip Tikvicki, Junya Ishii
Duration: 30 minutes
Genre: Short feature
Synopsis: Film is a dark comedy dealing with privatization in Southeastern Europe. A selfish, rich, capricious industrialist (Nikolai) promises to his wife a Disneyland on the site of a former chemical plant. Aided by the Minister of Commerce he buys the factory for 1 euro. Former workers, now on strike, are forced to portray the degrading roles of Disney’s characters.