2015 Apr. 09

The Open University Subotica in cooperation with the NLP Center in Belgrade will organize a promotional workshop about NLP communication on 16th April at 6 PM. The workshop will be held in the room 211, 1st floor of the Open University.

The workshop is targeting personal development and through the model of NLP communication (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) gives the bases to:

- To use NLP in business situations through communication and focusing on the solution
- Better understanding of the other person and of ourselves
- To be convincing and to raise confidence in communication
- To define your goals better in business and personal development
- To raise the level of flexibility, structure and the number of choices in everything you do.

This workshop will give you an insight to the assistance NLP gives in everyday tasks (both business and private), regardless whether you work in sales, HR management, trainer of others, or you wish to learn something new.

NLP is a communication model, which was created in the 70s in the USA and it is a training that secures tools in communication, motivation, adjustment personal goals and prosperity. This model deals with the study of the relation between communication, way of thinking and acting, as well as various techniques for the development of communication, behavioral changes and reaching goals.

The workshop is free of charge, the number of participants is limited, you may register through the application form HERE.