2015 Jan. 29

On Tuesday at 6 PM at the Open University Subotica two motivational speeches will be held, the first one on “Towards success, step by step”, and “Creator, not a victim”.

The organizers of the lectures are: Biznisnova Centre for proactive business, Youth Office of the City of Subotica and the Open University Subotica.

Entrance is free of charge.


Lecturer: Ann Bancroft

Life coach, she has been helping professionally people around the world in the past 25 years. Through her experiences she gained from working with children, adults and leading her own business created a programme for people to develop their own potentials. The system of her work is based on the principle of the objective listener that helps to examine their mistakes as points of learning and to use them in their future development in life.

Towards success, step by step – the lecture is based on the principles of life coaching or training of life skills. The lecture includes practical practices, too that will help the audience to consider their own views, thinking models, life priorities and goals. Afterwards, Ann Bancroft’s method will be used for her clients to go through their “life cycle” from creating an idea to realization and achievement of our goals, potential obstacles on the way, ways of thinking and actions that might help.


Lecturer: Paul Diorio
Psychotherapist with specialization in transactional analysis, and with 15 years of experience in the field of counseling groups and individuals. Paul is member of MBACP (British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy), ITA (Institute of Transactional Analysis) and EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis).

Creator, not victim – lecture is based on the theory of TED – the Empowerment Dynamic of the author David Emerald Womeldorff, which offers a solution to Karpman’s drama triangle. Instead of the role of the victim we can become the creators. The creator is someone who spends time to think about what he/she wants, what is his/her long term goal or vision. Creators are focused on results, and not on the problem. Problems will always appear, but we can perceive them differently. The problem is a room or a situation that forces the creator to explain his/her aim. They encourage us to express what we want and to focus our efforts towards reaching our goals.

The lectures will be on English language with simultaneous translation.
More information: biznisnova@gmail.com, office@kzm.subotica.rs.